Monday, October 10, 2011

Game 2 Recap - 10/11/2011

I missed todays game due to work, but apparently the Islanders came out with a vengeance.

I got a text on the train today that my favorite player, A-Mac scored a goal early off of a deflected shot and that's just glorious. After watching the highlights, I'm starting to get a feel for this game. Perhaps that's because I get good camera angles and slowed down shots, but man - I'm starting to "get it".

The Streit to Nielson goal was pure gold. I mean really, that might be one of the most beautiful things I've seen in sports. There is so much grace to this game, so much flow, so much ability and room to improvise. The Streit deke was NUTS. It was the equivalent of this.

Montoya made some great saves from what the highlights show me and apparently he played extremely well the entire game. From what I understand, Travis Hamonic played extremely well and swarmed the Wild all game. Wait, breaking news: I literally just realized he is 21 years old. Holy cow.

For a much better recap than I can ever give, check out Lighthouse Hockey for recap and video.

Final Score: Islanders 2 Wild 1

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