Thursday, October 13, 2011


John Tavares, the best player on the New York Islanders and possibly in the galaxy (or at least my galaxy) made me scream like a child tonight. Ladies and gentlemen, I love this game.

Now obviously I recognize that this is not the norm; no team goes on scoring rampages like that night in and night out. But wow. This was one of the most exciting, fun and refreshing sport nights of my life.
JT started it off with a goal that I didn't see live because I was driving home. I immediately rushed downstairs and saw Stamkos score a terrible little goal that reminds me of watching those goals my friends who play NHL on Xbox complain about. From what I hear, Stamkos is pretty good. The game was tied 1-1, but it wouldn't matter after that. What happened next was sheer apocalyptic, earth shattering, Spiderman vs. Venom excitement. Though really, it was more like Spiderman vs. a four year old child.

I was frustrated after Josh Bailey had a ridiculous spin move with a shot that didn't get in the net. Such a beautiful move deserved a beautiful ending, but only minutes later would I be satisfied of my hunger for flesh.

Moulson soon scored, assist J.T. "GIVE ME MORE!" I screamed. "Aight yo" said Coach Capuano.

P.A. moments later set up J.T. to score right in front of the net on a beautiful pass right into the loving, godly spear J.T. uses to play hockey with when he's not using it to fish for Gyarados' in the wild. The two paired up again soon after to score another goal, this time P.A. setting up J.T.

The first period ended, my throat sore from screaming. It then dawned on me: I was screaming.

I'm hooked.

Grabner scored after a missed attempt by Kyle Okposo (which is good because apparently that line needs to step it up), Montoya played great and other stuff happened too. It's all a blur. But if J.T. keeps getting hit hard, someone needs to take care of that. Isn't there a specific role in hockey for that? Lets bust some heads.

What a wild night. I love this game.

Final score: Islanders 5, Lightning, 1


  1. That didn't take long to get hooked.

    Here's a tip when you're watching the game but you can't see the puck due to body traffic or the boards, watch the players body reactions, you can always tell who has the puck even without actually seeing it.

  2. I really like this idea. As a fellow fan of a young team rebuilding (the Oilers) I have to say that games like this are part of the fun. Sure, we get blown out occasionally but when everyone clicks and we get to blow them out, why, that's what you live for (other than the cup of course).